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Posted by admin on May 10, 2017

Why Choose Athletic Lockers?

Why Choose Athletic Lockers?


Athletic lockers have been tested and proven to be the best when it comes to providing ample space for sports equipment and ventilation to keep moisture at bay. They also provide long lasting protection because they are literally made for handling the task at hand, as opposed to using standard lockers which may not be as durable when put under the same pressure. Athletic lockers can be customized to suit different environments like homes, football stadiums, gym changing rooms, large sports arenas etc. At PlayerStall, we have a wide range of high quality athletic lockers. Why settle for less when you can access the best sports lockers from a trusted brand?


Best Athletic lockers for sale

sports lockers-moose

These lockers are primarily made to keep moisture and stink away from your sports equipment. The amount of space that they provide ensures that you are not squeezing everything together ,which is a contributing factor to damaging your not-so-cheap sports equipment. Space also provides the much needed aeration so your sweaty equipment dries well and stays fresh for the next use. When some items like shoulder pads or helmets do not dry well, there is a high chance of mold and bacteria building up. Who wants to risk getting an infection the next time they get a slight bruise while playing?


PlayerStall offers all kinds of affordable yet highly efficient wood lockers. You can choose to buy one of our designs or give us your preferences for a customized locker. Do you need a locker that has no door, or one that allows for maximum airflow but needs to be secured by a door as well? The choice is yours! Perhaps one of the things we would advise on is that you take into consideration the amount of ventilation needed for the sports equipment stored in these wood lockers. If they are meant for football teams that play several times a week, choose athletic lockers with ventilated sides. In short, you should always prioritize on ventilation.


We also have athletic lockers that are meant for specific types of athletic equipment. For instance, you can choose one that is ideal for golf clubs and bags as well as golfing outfits. You also have the option of ski lockers, country club lockers and so many others. All you need to do is talk to our well informed sales representatives and you are guaranteed to get the athletic locker that best fits your sporting needs.
Athletic lockers are simply the best when you are seeking safety for all kinds of sports equipment. With all the effort that you put into making sure that your sports team is performing well, the best thing you can do is take off the stress of ensuring that their equipment is well stored by investing in quality sports lockers. Whether you are looking for locker room lockers for an athletic organization or mudroom lockers, visit PlayerStall today and get to see the wide variety of high end but very affordable athletic lockers you can choose from. With us, you can be sure that you will always get excellent services at a price that is pocket friendly.

Posted by admin on May 8, 2017

Sports Lockers- Some tips on how to keep your Hockey equipment in Good Shape

Sports Lockers- Some tips on how to keep your Hockey equipment in Good Shape


Hockey players are known to be a tough breed but even they know that their equipment has to be in good shape to protect them from some of the dangers on the ice. It’s hard to find a rougher sport than hockey so when you get on the ice, your gear has to be in good shape to protect you from hits, pucks and falls.


Here are some quick tips on how to keep your hockey equipment in top shape:




One of the most important pieces of equipment when it comes to hockey is your skates. They are typically the most expensive piece you have and if your skates are in rough shape, your game level will probably be too.


  • Skate size is crucially important. If you are skating around with small skates, you will be more focused on your sore foot than the puck
  • Sharpen your blades as soon as you see they are getting dull. Just like a kitchen knife, the sharper it is, the safer it is.
  • Wipe your blades clean after every game.
  • Make sure the rivets are tight and get them checked out by a professional if they need adjusting.
  • Pull out your sweaty insoles after every game to get them dry and reduce bacteria. Use your sports locker to easily hang them to get them dry.




Check your helmet on a regular basis. Dents and cracks will start splitting the outer shell, which will be a safety hazard.




Dont put your sweaty, stinky gloves near a heat source. This will tend to shrink and crack your gloves and with turn them into a cracking mess. Use sports lockers to hang them up and get them dry. We previously discussed a simple and effective way to make your own homemade sanitizing spray which you can use after every game to sanitize and freshen up your gloves.




After a game, your clothes are sweaty and smell terrible. There are few things you can do besides washing them thoroughly.One sports equipment storage solution is to use wood lockers. Athletic lockers are an easy, and great looking solution to hang up all your sports equipment to get it dry and organized. PlayerStall makes top notch sports lockers that not only look great, but are fully functionable and is at a very affordable price. If you play hockey, our hockey lockers make your locker room or garage look pro.

Football Lockers
Sports Locker

For all the Moms reading this: isn’t it a big pain to always be cleaning up that stinky, sweaty gear and scramble to find that missing glove or skate before the game? Keep your garage or mudroom organized with one of our mudroom lockers. At PlayerStall, we’re here to help you protect the durability and effectiveness of your hockey equipment. Our storage solutions can make taking proper care of your equipment easier than you ever imagined!

Posted by admin on May 7, 2017

Sports Lockers and how to select the Best one for you!

Selecting Lockers- Critical Questions To Ask Yourself Before Buying Sports Lockers.


When it comes to selecting a sports lockers, you may find it a bit daunting with the different types of athletic lockers- There are so many designs and styles in the market! Although most of them will fit any purpose, there are some that are specifically made for a certain sports. So before you go calling that company for the best sports lockers for your school, stadium, arena or even home, here are some of the important questions you need to ask yourself. Hopefully, at the end of this article you will have narrowed it down to the very locker that will effectively protect your sports gear.


sports lockers north shore


Think about the locker user: What specific sport are they involved in?


So many people are quick to make the call without thinking this through! The reason this question is important is simply because every sport equipment requires a certain amount of space. For instance, football lockers would be more spacious than a runner’s locker. While the latter just needs enough space for their gym outfit, the former would need ample space for their pads, helmet etc. The last thing any mom needs is to run around looking for lost pads just before football practice! Luckily, you can avoid such a scenario by getting the locker that is specifically made for the sport your kid or the team is involved in.


Where are the sports lockers going to be placed?


If for instance they are going be located in an arena with lots of media access, you might want to go for a highly professional look. Your lockers need to look aesthetically beautiful, neat and well organized. This means that the material, color and style must be well thought of. Wood lockers are without a doubt the best in the industry for giving a high end look and providing ample aeration for sports equipment. You can have a quick look through our wood lockers to get the idea. Our sales team at PlayerStall are ready to answer any of your questions regarding sports locker choices, so feel free to get in touch.


How fast do you need the lockers?


Depending on the amount of time before your deadline, our sales team will be able to give you reasonable suggestions on the type of material to choose as well as the estimated costs.


Are there any special or additional features that you would like on the lockers?


While some would buy our standard wood lockers, there are those who would like to have their team logos or colors crafted into the locker design. Communicating this in advance is also helpful when determining the costs. It also gives the locker company time to thoughtfully incorporate your preferences as they come up with your product. You may have seen an example of the locker room you want for your school in a big sports venue like in an NHL or NBA arena- Do not be afraid to communicate this when you contact us. Most people would shy away simply because they fear that the costs would be quite high, but a good locker company will be able to work within your budget limits to bring your dreams to life. Contact PlayerStall today for your sports equipment storage solutions. Whether you are part of team looking for locker room lockers or are looking for mudroom lockers for your garage, we can make it happen!

Posted by admin on May 3, 2017

Sports Lockers-How To Choose The Best Sports Lockers

Sports Lockers-How To Choose The Best Sports Lockers

Selecting the right sports lockers may not be an easy task since there are so many brands and locker materials to choose from. While each of them has something to offer, it is imperative that you know what to look for when buying sports lockers to avoid buying something that would not properly serve its purpose.


Athletic Lockers Importance


So how do you know what to prioritize? The answer is simple: Go for athletic lockers that allow your sports gear to dry completely. Experts recommend this because dry sports gear stays fresh, keeping bacteria away and ensuring that the equipment does not stink.


PlayerStall Sports Lockers has remained a top option for many due to our ability to make top notch wood lockers that suit the needs of each athlete. Whether you are a football, baseball or hockey player, you do not have to worry about the safe storage of your sports gear! If you are a concerned parent interested in learning how to properly care for your kid’s sports gear, PlayerStall Wood Lockers has the right solution for you. We work with those who are looking to properly store their sports equipment at home or are looking to come up with a world class locker room in the school arena (Or any other facility) at an affordable price.


Wood Locker Quality


We always insist on high quality material when making our sports lockers. ¾” Birch,, brushed nickel plated hardware and urethane are just some of what goes into creating our highly innovative and spacious sports lockers. The materials are well known for their strength, durability and aesthetic beauty. That’s right, your lockers do not have to lose their beauty just because they are doing the serious job of keeping your gear safe!athletic lockers- indiana


At PlayerStall, we understand the needs of each player. For instance, athletic lockers would be designed differently when compared to baseball or football lockers. We also consider the general design of the building where you would like to install the wood lockers. We have great designs that you can browse through, we are also ready to work with what you have in mind for a customized look. Whether you are looking for locker room lockers or mudroom lockers, we have you covered!
Give us a call today, we are here to listen to your locker needs and provide you with the right sports equipment storage solutions.

Posted by admin on May 1, 2017

Sports Lockers- For any sport you play, we have your sports equipment storage problem solved

Sports Lockers- For any sport you play, we have your sports equipment storage problem solved


At PlayerStall Athletic Lockers, we have the sports lockers and storage solutions for any sport you can imagine. From hockey to football, skating to skiing, lacrosse, soccer, or baseball, we have the athletic lockers for you to store your gear away when it’s not in use. Simply send us a layout of your locker room, and we can provide a diagram with wood lockers, sports storage, and other solutions, which is perfectly tailored for your team’s needs. With single and multi sports locker options, we have any and everything your require for your locker room space. We custom design sizes and shapes, and can fit lockers in tight quarters to accommodate all your usable space.

Locker room lockers

Our products typically accommodate our clients’ needs and with this in mind, we can custom design something to fit your specific goals or layout. Not only will our sports lockers help prevent the bacterial contamination and possible dangers of dirty equipment, we can help eliminate those foul odors in tight spaces as well with our drying and storage solutions.

athletic locker room

Finished with solid urethane, all of our lockers are constructed of solid birch wood for a durable, sturdy product. Our birch offers a rich, beautiful finish, alongside the most durable strength to avoid damage. Shelves are wide and deep and hardware is nickel brushed plated for optimal durability and strength. The high quality finishes we use allows us to provide you the highest quality wood lockers, while producing spaces which are moisture-resistant. It makes it ideal for all sports seasons.

Athletic Lockers Design

We have taken durability and looks into consideration in designing our sports equipment storage solutions. We match this claim with a lifetime warranty on all our sports lockers. Simply call our team for a consultation and we can get the design plan underway. Let us show you why so many others have chosen us, and allow us to provide the high quality locker room lockers you desire, for any athletic locker space.
If you have a team looking for hockey lockers, football lockers, wood lockers, employee lockers or are just looking for mudroom lockers to keep your young athletes gear intact and dry, give us a call today!