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Posted by admin on November 21, 2017

Organize with Wood Lockers

The Wood Locker to keep your garage more organized


Wood lockers are going to turn your crowded garage into a spacious spot. From paint cans to bikes, the garage is usually packed so tight that you can’t get another thing in there. Our sports locker will ease you of the clutter and keep your sports equipment organized and ready to go.


I know its hard to decide what to keep and what to turf, so here are some tips to get you started:


First, Start by taking everything out of the garage to qualify everything that can stay or go. Once everything is out, you can map out a strategy where to put your wood lockers.


Secondly, Find a spot for your wood lockers. Once you can define the area where the sports equipment will be, you can start figuring out what else can stay.


Decide what to keep ( obviously the wood locker!)


Garages are infamous for collecting unneeded clutter. A couple things you need to ask yourself are:


Do I love it?


Could someone use it?


Do I need it?


I think once you have looked at everything you have in your garage, you will be able to categorize them quite easily.


Now that you have figured out what to keep, now you need to find a spot for the most important item in your garage: PlayerStall wood lockers. Now you are set to never forget your equipment again. Forget damp, stinky sports equipment- PlayerStall sports lockers will keep you gear dry and ready to go.wood lockers


PlayerStall has all you need for organizing your equipment. Whether you are looking for a hockey locker, a football locker, athletic lockers, or any type of sports locker, PlayerStall has you covered. Don’t settle for the cheap lockers out there. PlayerStall wood lockers are built strong at a very reasonable price. Contact us today to let us help you find the perfect mudroom lockers. Check out our facebook page to see some of the solutions we have to offer.

Posted by admin on November 3, 2017

Quality Wood Lockers to make your Life easier

Have you ever thought of using wood lockers to help organize your sports equipment? Which parent doesn’t love scrambling before the game looking for your kids missing glove and skates? If you love smelly, unorganized sports equipment, don’t buy lockers.


PlayerStall Sports Lockers specialize in making a parent’s life easier. We receive tons of emails from parents who have bought a wood locker from us. Parents love the ease of construction, its sturdy design and great looks. Set up wood lockers in your garage and never have to look for missing equipment again!

wood lockers

Many parents have their kids get ready in the garage before the game so they don’t have to wait around while their kid gets dressed. Our wood locker will have all their sports equipment aired out and ready to go. Get yourself a kids locker from PlayerStall Athletic Lockers and save yourself the agony.


If you look around the wood locker industry, you will see that most of the lockers are cheap lockers from overseas. PlayerStall makes its wood lockers here in North America. We use ¾” Cabinet grade wood for our athletic locker, which the competition can’t match. Compare our prices too- nobody can compete with us when it comes to sports locker. Visit our facebook page or our gallery to see what we can do for you! If you need a sports locker, we are the top choice. Whether you are looking for bedroom lockers, mudroom lockers, hockey lockers or any kind of wood locker– come to PlayerStall to see our lockers for sale.

Posted by admin on October 7, 2017

Wood Lockers help keep your equipment clean

Wood Lockers help kill sports equipment bacteria


Anyone who plays sports can confirm the need to keep your sports equipment clean and disinfected. Most sports are intense, high contact activities filled with sweat, blood and dirt. To keep you or your young athlete clean and healthy, here are a few tips when it comes to keeping your sports equipment clean, and healthy:


  1. Spray your sports equipment after every use. We have a post on how to make your own healthy disinfectant spray at home using common household items free of harsh chemicals. Hang up your equipment in a sports locker for ease of drying and spraying. Wood lockers are a great way to keep your gear organized and dry!
  2. Soak your equipment. After a few uses, spraying your equipment won’t do the trick. Take your sports equipment from your sports locker and soak it in water and detergent. You can also put some softer equipment in the washing machine on the gentle cycle.
  3. Get yourself a wood locker. Of course this is the easiest solution to keep your sports equipment dry and organized! If you are looking for sports lockers for sale, PlayerStall has a large lineup of

    wood lockers
    Sports Locker

    the best wood lockers in the business. If you are looking for mudroom lockers, hockey lockers, football lockers, or any kind of sports locker, we have you covered.

At PlayerStall, we can help you with your sports equipment storage solutions with our innovative sports locker designs. Don’t go with the other guy’s cheap lockers– check out PlayerStall if you are looking for lockers for sale. Our wood lockers are built to last and at a price nobody can match in the athletic locker business. We started PlayerStall to offer hockey lockers to young athletes and have expanded over the years to provide football lockers, baseball lockers, bedroom lockers, mudroom lockers and any kind of wood locker you can think of. If you are looking for lockers for sale, we have them! Check out our Facebook page to see some of the recent wood locker projects we have done.

Posted by admin on September 29, 2017

Tired of cheap lockers?

Tired of that Flimsy Sports Locker? Switch to PlayerStall Sports Locker!


Storing and organizing your kid’s sports equipment can be a real pain. To avoid those last minute expeditions of finding that missing shin pad,choose a better sports equipment storage solution. Sport Lockers keep all your gear dry and organized so its ready to go when you are!


Avoid those flimsy Sport Locker companies out there that charge an arm and a leg for their cheap lockers. Our athletic locker has a rigid design using ¾” wood- our wood lockers are unmatched for quality and price. At PlayerStall, our sports locker will change the way you think about storing your sports equipment. We have a variety of sports locker models that are perfect as mudroom lockers, entryway lockers, bedroom lockers or any type of home locker.


Whether you are a parent or a coach looking for a football locker, hockey locker, soccer locker or any athletic locker roomtype of sports locker, we have you covered. Ask us about our team locker discounts that we give to teams that are looking to transform their old locker room into a pro locker room.


At PlayerStall, our mission is to give the highest quality sports locker for the best price. We have been making the best wood lockers in the industry for a long time and continue to provide the best athletic locker on the market. If you are looking for lockers for sale, you have come to the right place.


Feel free to call us anytime to discuss which sports locker option is the best sports equipment storage solution for you. Check out our locker room gallery and our Facebook page to see some the recent locker room projects we have completed.

Posted by admin on September 3, 2017

Sports Locker DIY


Wood Lockers will keep your sports equipment Dry and clean!


Most sports are a rough and tumble activity and cuts and bruises are just part of the game. A simple abrasion is not a big deal unless it gets infected. Did you know that there are millions of potentially harmful germs that can get inside that cut and create a potentially harmful infection? A simple way to prevent an infection is to keep your sports equipment clean and dry.


There are germs everywhere, but the place germs thrive is in a hot, moist environment. One of the best places germs love to live in is a hot, sweaty sports bag. If your sports equipment is left inside a air tight bag, it becomes a breeding ground for these potentially harmful germs. There are some really simple ways to prevent germs from spreading:




A simple disinfectant spray after practice or the game will kill 90% of the germs on contact. Here is a blog post on wood locker disinfection we did on making a healthy, simple spray that will keep your gear clean and ready to go for the next game.


Wood Lockers

athletic locker football locker

Wood lockers is the simplest solution for your sports equipment storage needs. Sports lockers are easy to build and will keep your gear dry so bacteria doesn’t have the opportunity to get out of control. PlayerStall has all your wood locker solutions: whether you are looking for Football Lockers, Athletic Lockers or any sports locker, we have the highest value wood locker in the business.


PlayerStall has been solely focused on creating the best athletic lockers in the game. Our quality, price and guarantee are unmatched. Whether you are a sports team looking to upgrade your locker room lockers or you are a mom looking for mudroom lockers, we got you covered!