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     Sale: $249

     Reg: $279


    Sale: $269

    Reg: $299


     Sale: $329

     Reg: $369


     Sale: $369

     Reg: $489

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Great Wood Lockers at a Great Price

At PlayerStall, we only make Wood Sports Lockers, and thats it! Our sole focus is to make the highest quality, low cost wood locker in the Industry. Whether its for your Garage, Mudroom or Amateur and Professional Custom Locker Room, our Wood Sports lockers are the highest value Sports Lockers in the industry. Whether you need Football Lockers, Hockey Lockers, Basketball Lockers, Baseball Lockers, Soccer Lockers, or any other type of Athletic Locker, PlayerStall has all your Sports Equipment Storage solutions at a great price. If you are looking for lockers for sale and want high quality cheap lockers, buy lockers from PlayerStall.

Our wood sports locker is the highest value sports locker in the industry. These lockers won't cost you an arm and a leg and are designed to last a life time. Our wood lockers are made from 3/4" Birch Wood and comes with everything you need to assemble them.

A wood locker will keep your young athletes equipment dry, off the floor and organized. If you are a college or pro team either looking for a professional locker room or wanting that recruiting edge, we have your solution at a very reasonable price. Our wood lockers are unmatched in the industry-Nobody can compete with our price and quality. We custom design your locker rooms free of charge to suit your particular locker room dimensions so the locker room fits perfectly. Our lockers are perfect for the rough environment of a locker room- our lockers are of a modular design so in case one of the lockers gets damaged, give us a call and we will ship you replacement pieces right away.

PlayerStall is a family business who strives to bring you the best quality locker in the business. Our lockers for sale are 100% made in North America. We have had countless happy customers that were looking for lockers for sale over the last 3 decades and we look forward to continue to meet and exceed your expectations with our top quality wood sports lockers. If you want durable cheap lockers to use as locker storage, look no further. Buy lockers from PlayerStall!

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