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Posted by admin on May 19, 2017

Sports Lockers Safety Tips- Locker Room Ettiquette

Sports Lockers Safety Tips- Locker Room Ettiquette


You might be an honest person who doesn’t steal when you are in the locker room, but don’t assume that everyone else will extend the same courtesy to you! There are precautions you must take to ensure that your property stays safe and one of the best ways is by locking everything up. Just like we lock our houses whenever we go out, safety for our sports equipment will be enhanced if they are safely put away in your sports lockers. Here are a few locker room safety tips for your sports equipment.sports lockers and wood lockers


– Always ensure that the sports lockers is locked. Even when you are going somewhere for a few minutes, it is much better to be on the safe side.

– Avoid carrying money and other valuables with you as you go for practice. Keeping your valuables on you is safer than keeping it stored in your sports lockers.

– Do not leave your equipment lying around to avoid unnecessary injuries or damage to your equipment. Being well organized by locking everything up also avoids mix ups with other people’s things, which saves you the amount of time you spend to get ready for a game or for practice.

– Sports locker safety is not only against thieves, it also discourages bacteria from thriving. Always hang your sports equipment in the wood lockers to allow for maximum aeration and proper drying.


Wood lockers for sports equipment safety.


At PlayerStall, we are big fans of wood lockers and we’ll tell you why. After years of experience in the locker industry it was evident that wood has several advantages over other materials like metal or plastic. Depending on the type of wood used, one is able to get sports lockers that combats moisture, provides ample ventilation and has a fine, classy finish to it. For instance, our wood lockers are made from birch, which is very strong and durable. To summarize things up, have a look at a few other reasons why wood lockers are so popular today.


  1. Flexibility.

With wood, you are able to come up with the exact type of locker you want, fitted with the exact specifications. Metal lockers are often produced in mass, which makes them a bit more rigid when one needs a few tweaks to fit their personal taste.


  1. Presentability.

Wood lockers are without a doubt elegant and pleasing to the eye. Browse through our portfolio to see examples of some locker room lockers that we have done recently. Heres a picture of some football lockers we recently did We also have individual wood lockers that can be installed at home.


  1. They do not make loud noises.

While metal lockers can make lots of distracting noises that would especially be unsuitable in a school environment, wood sports lockers are more subtle. They promote a quiet environment for the other students who are still in class.


  1. Durability.

You can trust wood to withstand weight and constant slamming without changing shape or cracking. Metal on the other hand is easily dented.


Call PlayerStall today for your sports equipment storage solutions. We shall be happy to equip your school or home with our highly innovative sports lockers at an affordable price! Whether you are looking for football lockers, hockey lockers, mudroom lockers, or any other type of athletic lockers, we have you covered.

Posted by admin on May 17, 2017

Custom Sports Lockers for your team

Custom Sports Lockers for your team


If you are looking for locker room lockers, Custom made sports lockers are not as expensive as you think. Many locker manufacturers sell overpriced sports lockers which are flimsy and of poor quality. Take a look around the internet and you will see many of of competitors have their lockers made overseas and just slap their label on it. At PlayerStall, our wood lockers are 100% made in North America. All the design, materials, service and manufacturing is done right here in Langley, British Columbia.


If you are looking to outfit a locker room with Athletic Lockers, you may assume that it is quite expensive. If you have a team, PlayerStall makes high quality sports lockers at steeply discounted prices. Our wood lockers are made of ¾” Birch and is a modular design so if it every gets damaged, you give us a call and we will ship you out new pieces… free of charge!

sports Lockers
PlayerStall Sports Lockers

The advantages of having athletic lockers in your locker room is plentiful. Keeping your equipment and organized is easier said than done but if you have wood lockers in your locker room, its so easy. For those wanting to dry their football equipment, baseball equipment, hockey equipment, ringette equipment, lacrosse equipment… our sports lockers make it a snap.


The look of our athletic lockers is another great advantage. Whether you want to give your team that professional look or are just looking for that recruiting edge, PlayerStall’s athletic lockers are a great addition.


We have a wide selection of wood sports lockers to fit any sport:


  • Football Lockers
  • Hockey Lockers
  • Baseball Lockers
  • Basketball Lockers
  • Mudroom Lockers


We custom make each sports locker to specifically match the room you are using. If you are interested in purchasing some locker room lockers, give us a call and we will work within your budget to transform your locker room.

Posted by admin on May 16, 2017

Stinky Football Gear?

Stinky Football Gear? We have the solution! Football Lockers.


Football Lockers are the answer! Everybody who plays sports knows that horrid stink that your sweaty football equipment has after a couple days sitting in the garage after a game. We know it just comes with the territory, and instead of fixing the problem, we usually just jam it back in the bag and deal with it another time. Curling it in a ball in your bag or in your trunk is not helping anyone… except bacteria. Instead of creating a stench and a bacterial nightmare, hang your gear in PlayerStall’s football lockers.athletic locker football lockers


When you play, you sweat. All that sweat is soaked up by your football equipment. You take it, throw it in your bag, and now the bacteria is ready to turn into a stinky monster. Bacteria loves the dark, hot and moist environment of your bag and its ready to set up shop.

A quick and easy solution is to clean your gear, which we discuss here, and hang it up in one of our football lockers. A big pain for Mom is to get their kids to organize their gear and to keep it dry. Football lockers are the perfect solution. Your equipment will stay dry and your kids will want to hang their sports equipment just like the pros! Proper drying will make your sports equipment last longer, smell better and will help stop bacteria from getting out of control.
PlayerStall has a bunch of options for football lockers. You can check out some of the recent projects here. Our solid design ensures that our football lockers will last a lifetime, and they look great too! PlayerStall Sports Lockers is the market leader in football lockers, hockey lockers, mudroom lockers, or any other wood lockers that you can imagine. If you need garage lockers, we got them. Looking for bedroom lockers, lockers for home or mudroom storage lockers? Playerstall is where to buy sports lockers. Our quality is unmatched in the industry and thats why we back it up with a lifetime guarantee. If you are looking for high quality cheap lockers, give us a call anytime and we will help you out.

Posted by admin on May 14, 2017

Athletic Lockers- Safety tips in the Locker Room

Safety tips in the Locker Room


While sitting in your athletic lockers, look around at the potential for injury. Staying safe is a given, especially on the field or the ice. We make sure all our sports gear is in shape, ready to protect us from hits, bumps and bruises. Once you take your gear off, you still need to be cognisant of some of the dangers outside the playing arena. The locker room can cause a ton of injuries so here are a few tips to keep you and your teammates safe so you are are ready for the next game.


  • If you have any valuables, keep them locked inside your sports lockers.
  • After everyone has left the locker room, make sure all the athletic lockers are locked, and lock the main door behind you.
  • Wear shoes in the locker room. Slippery floors can cause some major damage to ligaments and limbs- store some shoes in those athletic lockers so you can slip them on when you are walking around.
  • If you are heading to the weight room, bring a buddy. Having a spotter will let you lift without worrying about injuries.
  • If your sports equipment is sweaty, hang it up right away in athletic lockers. This will dry it out and will prevent bacteria growing which may cause infections.


At PlayerStall, we build the highest value athletic lockers in the business. Other products out there may claim to be the best drying unit but they can’t match us in quality, price or design. We back up our product with a lifetime guarantee. Does the other sports lockers out there match up? Not a chance!


athletic lockers

If you are looking for locker room lockers or mudroom lockers for our garage, PlayerStall is the best sports equipment storage solution out there.

Posted by admin on May 12, 2017

Sports lockers keeps your garage organized

Wood Sports lockers to keep your garage organized


The thought of keeping your garage or mudroom organized is both ideal and daunting. If you have an athlete or two in your house, you have probably come to the point where you have considered a part of your house virtually condemned, leaving the stinky, sweaty sports equipment to rule. Have no fear, PlayerStall has the perfect sports equipment storage solution. Our sports lockers make keeping your young athlete’s sports equipment a super easy task. Not only do our athletic lockers look great, but your kids will be more than happy to hang their expensive equipment with pride. Looking at their equipment hanging in the our sports lockers will make them feel like a pro. Our mudroom lockers are a perfect way to keep their sports equipment dry and organized, and for you to be able to recover your beautiful garage again!


wood lockers


Other sports lockers and drying racks are either cheaply built or are too flimsy to withstand the rough environment that our athletes live in. Not many products can stand up to todays athletes. Sports equipment is heavy and cumbersome, and that is where most other products will fail. At PlayerStall, we take an old school approach of building super strong products that will stand the test of time. Built with pride, we have developed the strongest sports locker on the market. We manufacturer of wood lockers in Canada, using only products from North America.


Some people might assume that since we build it in Canada that it must be expensive, but that is not the case. Go check out some of our competitors and you will realize that our prices are sometimes half the price of their wood lockers. At PlayerStall, we take pride that we are providing young athletes and teams the highest value sports locker on the market, bar none. Nobody builds a better athletic locker and we back it with our lifetime guarantee. If anything breaks, give us a call and we will send you your part right away. Nobody stands behind their sports lockers like PlayerStall does.
So if you are a team looking for that recruiting edge and need some locker room lockers, or are a mom looking for some football lockers or hockey lockers, give us a call today.