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Wood Lockers will keep your sports equipment Dry and clean!


Most sports are a rough and tumble activity and cuts and bruises are just part of the game. A simple abrasion is not a big deal unless it gets infected. Did you know that there are millions of potentially harmful germs that can get inside that cut and create a potentially harmful infection? A simple way to prevent an infection is to keep your sports equipment clean and dry.


There are germs everywhere, but the place germs thrive is in a hot, moist environment. One of the best places germs love to live in is a hot, sweaty sports bag. If your sports equipment is left inside a air tight bag, it becomes a breeding ground for these potentially harmful germs. There are some really simple ways to prevent germs from spreading:




A simple disinfectant spray after practice or the game will kill 90% of the germs on contact. Here is a blog post on wood locker disinfection we did on making a healthy, simple spray that will keep your gear clean and ready to go for the next game.


Wood Lockers

athletic locker football locker

Wood lockers is the simplest solution for your sports equipment storage needs. Sports lockers are easy to build and will keep your gear dry so bacteria doesn’t have the opportunity to get out of control. PlayerStall has all your wood locker solutions: whether you are looking for Football Lockers, Athletic Lockers or any sports locker, we have the highest value wood locker in the business.


PlayerStall has been solely focused on creating the best athletic lockers in the game. Our quality, price and guarantee are unmatched. Whether you are a sports team looking to upgrade your locker room lockers or you are a mom looking for mudroom lockers, we got you covered!

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