Athletic Lockers- Top 3 Ways of Ensuring we are free from Infections

Athletic Lockers- Top 3 Ways of Ensuring we are fsports lockers disinfectionree from Infections


As hockey players, cleanliness of your gear is paramount. A great and easy way to dry and organize your hockey equipment is with our hockey lockers. Keeping the lockers clean creates an environment free from bacteria which may cause infections. Why this is important is because some of this bacteria that grows in an unclean environment is harmful and could affect you or your child’s health. Some infections show signs immediately, and others take time before the symptoms are visible.

Athletic Lockers disinfection ideas

There are basic methods of maintaining cleanliness:


  • Ensuring that cuts are well bandaged
  • Regularly washing your hands
  • Keeping your uniform regularly cleaned and disinfected
  • Avoid sharing of towels


These precautions ensure basic levels of cleanliness are maintained although these practices may not be enough to ensure the environment is free from bacteria. Here are three proven ways to keep your hockey equipment clean:


  1. Do away with all trash in your locker.


Leaving trash in your athletic locker looks bad and is ripe for bacteria. Take a minute to clean up your sports locker- everyone around you will appreciate it.


  1. Keep Stinking gear out of your sports locker.


Avoid keeping dirty socks, shoes, shin pads, helmets and elbow pads stored in the compartment of the athletic lockers. Either wash them or spray them down with a disinfecting spray. Dirty, stinky items in your wood locker can be very infectious.


  1. Disinfect your locker


Get rid of the unwanted items from your wood locker and ensured the items to be stored inside are clean. The last step is to disinfect your athletic lockers by cleaning it up and wiping it down, preferably with a disinfecting spray. We have a previous blog post on how to keep your hockey equipment clean using a homemade disinfecting spray- you can read about it here.


Bottom Line for keeping your sports equipment storage locker clean


Following this steps will ensure you and your teammates are well protected from harmful bacteria that could cause complications.


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