The Best Sports Equipment Storage Solution

Our Wood Lockers are the best sports equipment storage solution on the market

If you are involved with sports in any way, be it as a coach or a parent of a young athlete, you understand you painful it can be to keep your athlete’s gear organized and tidy. Waking up early and shuttling your kids to practice can be a trying endeavor. There are a few solutions out there but they are usually flimsy, cheaply made or simply just don’t work. At PlayerStall, our sports lockers are the complete opposite. Our wood lockers are built tough, made 100% in North America, and are reasonably priced. Our athletic lockers are the strongest product in the industry for the best price. Here are a few reasons to choose PlayerStall wood lockers over the rest:

Easy to usemudroom lockers

Instead of laying out your equipment after a game to dry it out, or using a flimsy drying rack tree, try using an easy to assemble sports locker. Before practice or a game, you can get dressed at home or in the mudroom. This saves you from waiting around before and after the game wrestling with your kids to get everything organized. Never forget a piece of equipment again!

Space Saver

Our sports lockers get tucked into the corner of the garage or mudroom and are out of the way, giving you back your space. Our wood lockers can hold all your athletes equipment and keep it dry and organized. Take back your garage using PlayerStall sports lockers.

Built to Last

Our competitors offer a 90 day guarantee. PlayerStall is so confident in our product that we offer a lifetime guarantee on our athletic lockers. Our competitors ship their products from overseas while we build ours with local products and local craftsmen. Our wood lockers are built from ¾” Birch and will last well beyond your your young athletes playing career.

Whether you are looking for Football Lockers, or Hockey Lockers, or any type of sports locker, Nobody in our industry can compete with PlayerStall Sports Lockers in Quality, Price or Service. Feel free to check out some of our recent projects of Facebook.

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