Sports Lockers Safety Tips- Locker Room Ettiquette

Sports Lockers Safety Tips- Locker Room Ettiquette


You might be an honest person who doesn’t steal when you are in the locker room, but don’t assume that everyone else will extend the same courtesy to you! There are precautions you must take to ensure that your property stays safe and one of the best ways is by locking everything up. Just like we lock our houses whenever we go out, safety for our sports equipment will be enhanced if they are safely put away in your sports lockers. Here are a few locker room safety tips for your sports equipment.sports lockers and wood lockers


– Always ensure that the sports lockers is locked. Even when you are going somewhere for a few minutes, it is much better to be on the safe side.

– Avoid carrying money and other valuables with you as you go for practice. Keeping your valuables on you is safer than keeping it stored in your sports lockers.

– Do not leave your equipment lying around to avoid unnecessary injuries or damage to your equipment. Being well organized by locking everything up also avoids mix ups with other people’s things, which saves you the amount of time you spend to get ready for a game or for practice.

– Sports locker safety is not only against thieves, it also discourages bacteria from thriving. Always hang your sports equipment in the wood lockers to allow for maximum aeration and proper drying.


Wood lockers for sports equipment safety.


At PlayerStall, we are big fans of wood lockers and we’ll tell you why. After years of experience in the locker industry it was evident that wood has several advantages over other materials like metal or plastic. Depending on the type of wood used, one is able to get sports lockers that combats moisture, provides ample ventilation and has a fine, classy finish to it. For instance, our wood lockers are made from birch, which is very strong and durable. To summarize things up, have a look at a few other reasons why wood lockers are so popular today.


  1. Flexibility.

With wood, you are able to come up with the exact type of locker you want, fitted with the exact specifications. Metal lockers are often produced in mass, which makes them a bit more rigid when one needs a few tweaks to fit their personal taste.


  1. Presentability.

Wood lockers are without a doubt elegant and pleasing to the eye. Browse through our portfolio to see examples of some locker room lockers that we have done recently. Heres a picture of some football lockers we recently did We also have individual wood lockers that can be installed at home.


  1. They do not make loud noises.

While metal lockers can make lots of distracting noises that would especially be unsuitable in a school environment, wood sports lockers are more subtle. They promote a quiet environment for the other students who are still in class.


  1. Durability.

You can trust wood to withstand weight and constant slamming without changing shape or cracking. Metal on the other hand is easily dented.


Call PlayerStall today for your sports equipment storage solutions. We shall be happy to equip your school or home with our highly innovative sports lockers at an affordable price! Whether you are looking for football lockers, hockey lockers, mudroom lockers, or any other type of athletic lockers, we have you covered.

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