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If you are looking for a great way to keep your Athletic gear organized and dry, PlayerStall Athletic Lockers is the perfect solution. Whether you are looking to update your mudroom or want a professional looking locker room for your amateur or professional team, check out our lockers solutions. Our lockers are made with ¾” wood and is designed to handle any size equipment you have. We build our lockers to last and we are so sure that we offer a lifetime guarantee on them. Our locker system will make any room look like a professional locker room at a very affordable price.


  • Perfect for any sport
  • Keeps your gear aired out and dry
  • Have your equipment organized and ready to go
  • Great for saving space
  • Birch wood construction
  • Made in North America


You will not be able to find higher quality athletic lockers at this price anywhere in the industry. If you are looking to outfit your sports team’s locker room or you are a parent looking for a solid, dependable storage solution, we will exceed all your expectations. Our design team has created a bulletproof solution for your sports gear storage problems and you can count on our athletic lockers to last well beyond your sports career.


PlayerStall Athletic Lockers is the top choice for anyone focused on Price, Service and Quality Guarantee. Nobody in the Athletic Locker business can match us! We have satisfied thousands of customers over the year and are focused on continuing to provide Best-in-Class wood lockers.


PlayerStall Athletic Lockers are built strong and will look great for years to come. The locker is designed to withstand any tough environment and is backed with our lifetime guarantee. If any locker sustains any damage, we will send you new parts right away. Nobody backs up their lockers like we do at PlayerStall.