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Posted by admin on April 27, 2017

Simple Steps To Clean Your Shoulder Pads

Simple Steps To Clean Your Shoulder Pads


Football Lockers are a simple and effective way of keeping your shoulder pads dry and organized. If you are an avid football player, then you understand how difficult it can be to maintain clean shoulder pads. Not only do they collect mud from the field, but there is also the accumulation of sweat that gets absorbed as you play.

athletic locker football lockers

The good news is that there is a 3 step process that you can easily use to help keep your shoulder pads disinfected and fresh. Of course at the end of the football season you will need to get professional cleaning services, but in the interim period, use this procedure to ensure that your pads stay in excellent condition.


  1. After practice, always ensure that you put your pads in the PlayerStall Football Locker so that they can air out and dry. We recommend that you invest in a sports lockers that have been professionally made to handle different types of sports gear. Good aeration prevents bacteria and mold from thriving.


  1. Use water to get rid of dirt. An easy process would be to add some disinfectant to the water, then use a damp cloth to wipe your pads. You will then have handled the dirt, bacteria and odor all at once. You must however ensure that the disinfectant is safe to use on plastic. We have a previous article that discusses how to make your own disinfecting spray.


  1. As earlier advised, ensure that your sports gear is thoroughly checked by experts when the season is over. They would dismantle your pads, thoroughly clean, sanitize and inspect them for signs of damage. This way, you will always have well maintained sports equipment for maximum performance when you get back on the field.


Leaving your sports gear on the floor is an unsafe practice. Not only is this a hazard for anyone walking by, it also leaves your sports equipment in a position where drying properly is next to impossible. Visit Playerstall today and learn more about our innovative wood lockers and their ability to store your gear in proper condition. PlayerStall Athletic lockers will make any mudroom or garage look great and our mudroom lockers will keep the area safe, neat and tidy.


Whether you are looking for athletic lockers, football lockers or hockey lockers, we can make you something that is customized to your preference. At the end of the day, you need sports lockers that have enough room for air circulation. PlayerStall Athletic lockers are perfect for this and is well suited for use in any environment. PlayerStall is the perfect sports equipment storage solution for professional locker room lockers, garage lockers or as mudroom lockers. Come check out our athletic lockers and see what we can do for you.

Posted by admin on April 25, 2017

Athletic Lockers- Top 3 Ways of Ensuring we are free from Infections

Athletic Lockers- Top 3 Ways of Ensuring we are fsports lockers disinfectionree from Infections


As hockey players, cleanliness of your gear is paramount. A great and easy way to dry and organize your hockey equipment is with our hockey lockers. Keeping the lockers clean creates an environment free from bacteria which may cause infections. Why this is important is because some of this bacteria that grows in an unclean environment is harmful and could affect you or your child’s health. Some infections show signs immediately, and others take time before the symptoms are visible.

Athletic Lockers disinfection ideas

There are basic methods of maintaining cleanliness:


  • Ensuring that cuts are well bandaged
  • Regularly washing your hands
  • Keeping your uniform regularly cleaned and disinfected
  • Avoid sharing of towels


These precautions ensure basic levels of cleanliness are maintained although these practices may not be enough to ensure the environment is free from bacteria. Here are three proven ways to keep your hockey equipment clean:


  1. Do away with all trash in your locker.


Leaving trash in your athletic locker looks bad and is ripe for bacteria. Take a minute to clean up your sports locker- everyone around you will appreciate it.


  1. Keep Stinking gear out of your sports locker.


Avoid keeping dirty socks, shoes, shin pads, helmets and elbow pads stored in the compartment of the athletic lockers. Either wash them or spray them down with a disinfecting spray. Dirty, stinky items in your wood locker can be very infectious.


  1. Disinfect your locker


Get rid of the unwanted items from your wood locker and ensured the items to be stored inside are clean. The last step is to disinfect your athletic lockers by cleaning it up and wiping it down, preferably with a disinfecting spray. We have a previous blog post on how to keep your hockey equipment clean using a homemade disinfecting spray- you can read about it here.


Bottom Line for keeping your sports equipment storage locker clean


Following this steps will ensure you and your teammates are well protected from harmful bacteria that could cause complications.


PlayerStall gives you a variety of sports locker solutions to choose from- whether you are an amateur or professional team. Keep sports gear off the floor-. PlayerStall is the best drying rack in the market and can be used in all environments whether it’s for schools, arenas, field houses and training facilities. If you are looking for a sports equipment storage unit for your young athlete, our mudroom lockers will keep the house and garage neat and tidy.

Posted by admin on April 23, 2017

Cleaning and Sport Equipment storage: An Effective Yet Simple Solution For Killing Game-Changing Bacteria

Sports Equipment Storage: An Effective Yet Simple Solution For Killing Game-Changing Bacteria

sports equipment storage

It’s the end of an exciting game and you’re worn out and ready for a hot, relaxing shower. You throw your still-moist hockey shirt, helmet and sports gear into your sports locker and head on to the shower room.


The easy first step to keeping your equipment from getting smelly and moldy is to get it dry. Using a PlayerStall hockey locker is a simple sports equipment storage solution for getting your gear off the floor, up in the air and keeping it dry.


The most popular drying solutions are great, but you can create your very own sports equipment cleaning solution. Here’s how:


Mix in 3/4 teaspoon of bleach in 500mL of room temperature water. This solution is powerful enough to kill the most common bacteria. Make sure not to overdo the bleach part because it can damage your fabrics.


Pour the bleach-water solution into a big, flat container or a tub, then put big items such as hockey pads to soak. You can also add the solution to when you’re washing your clothes in a washing machine. Be sure to dry it out thoroughly. Don’t put bleach directly on your uniform because it can ruin your clothes.


Disinfection must be carried out if your gear or equipment has blood on it. Here’s what you’ll need:


Pour in 3 tablespoons bleach in 5L of cold water. Put on some gloves and vigorously scrub the contaminated sections until the stain is removed. Set it in a well ventilated area until it is dry.


After your equipment has been washed, you will want to make a spray so you can quickly disinfect your equipment if you don’t have the time to thoroughly wash it. Heres how:


  • Take a spray bottle and use 5 parts water to one part vinegar
  • Add a few drops of scented essential oil such as lemon or lavender
  • Spray all parts of your equipment and set it in a well ventilated area 


This quick solution will kill harmful bacteria and bad smells. 


Ensure your hockey equipment and gear will smell odorless by drying them using a PlayerStall Wood locker. PlayerStall offers simple and affordable sports equipment storage solutions to make it easy for you or your kids to break the habit of leaving all the sports gear in a bag, trunk or spread out all over the garage floor. Transform your mudroom into a neat and tidy area using a PlayerStall mudroom locker.


Keeping your sports equipment dry will preserve it for a lot longer and using a sports equipment storage locker is a quick and easy way to do it- Your sports equipment will thank you for it!


Head over to our website to check out all our equipment drying solutions:

Posted by admin on April 21, 2017

Sports Lockers for your local Sports Team

Soccer Locker roomSports Lockers for your local sports team


Locker rooms in sports stadiums and athletic centers can be furnished with a variety of open access sports lockers. These units are designed to fully accommodate the storage of uniforms, day clothing, special athletic equipment, and valuables. All locker models share the same basic design, but their dimensions, special features, and material builds vary widely to accommodate different environments and different types of sports.

Professional sports stadiums, universities, and varsity high school athletic programs typically prefer the wooden sports locker models because they feature both an efficient storage design and a higher quality aesthetic more in keeping with an upbeat, positive, and winning attitude.

PlayerStall sports lockers feature three interior storage sections. There is a top shelf unit that creates a cubby area where players can store their helmets, gloves, shoes, water bottles, or other items that can be fit into its space.

Dressing room lockers also have a middle section that constitutes the bulk of their vertical space. This area is typically used to store uniforms and larger pieces of equipment. Our nickel polished hooks allow for day clothing to also be hung up neatly after athletes have changed into their uniforms.

PlayerStall sports lockers also have a foot locker compartment at the bottom that in many models doubles as a bench when the player needs to put on athletic footwear. This compartment is below the Lift up Seat and gives a lot of space to store many types of items inside.


Soccer Lockers


Serious soccer players need soccer lockers that will allow them to organize their uniforms and equipment. Uniforms should be kept neat and wrinkle free so the team can hit the field looking their absolute best. Both clothing and gear should be easily retrievable so players can quickly change. Players also need a place to sit when they put on their shoes or soccer boots, and they need a safe place to store valuables.

The open access, wooden stadium locker meets all of these needs. Consisting of four storage sections, it accommodates the needs of any soccer team of any age, academic affiliation, league, or professional organization.

The main storage area is designed like an open closet, complete with a coat hooks. This provides the players with sufficient room to store several practice uniforms, and special goalie jerseys and shorts if appropriate.

Soccer coaches and referees can store soccer cones here. For those teams who also order soccer tracksuits for players, this closet like area provides enough room at the bottom for a neatly folded tracksuit to be stored.

Even though many soccer teams play the game with soccer boots, there are many teams that also either practice or play official games in standard athletic shoes. It depends on the age group and nature of the soccer league as to which type of footgear is preferred. Open access wooden stadium lockers accommodate either or both preference.

At the top of the soccer locker is an open shelf which provides the player with the perfect place to store a pair of athletic shoes and a practice soccer ball. With this extra storage space at the top, the player always has a place to store shoes in an easy to reach place that is also out of the way of other gear and clothing.

Another remarkable feature of the open access stadium wooden soccer locker is the closed foot locker section at the bottom. This foot locker is the perfect size for professional soccer players to store their best pair of soccer boots. Players can store several pair of clean socks here, and they can also store several pair of shin guards. A separate pair of shin guards and socks can be stored on the top shelf for quick access if so desired.

This locker also plays a dual role as a locker room bench. The bottom of the foot locker slants inward at the base, allowing the player to use the top section as a small bench while putting on shin guards, shoes, or boots.

Soccer lockers are made from the highest quality birch plywood with a three coat lacquer finish to make it super moisture resistant. Lockers can be customized with locks on the foot locker storage for extra security, and they can be customized with team logos for academic and professional soccer organizations.

If you are looking for Sports Lockers for your local sports team, PlayerStall has everything you need. Contact us anytime to inquire about our Team Discounts that we offer to local sports teams. 

Posted by admin on April 8, 2017

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